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Several Personal & Other Stories:

I've shed insight on some of the countries to read about..Italy, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Croatia, The Balkans, and more here!

How such Turmoil came to be within Iraq

A Look at the Malaysian Airliner Story

Ukraine's Protest for Change and More!

New President of Iran Offers Signs of Change

On the Revolutionary Shift in Egypt!

Iran's Victory of a Moderate Candidate

The Legendary Jimi Hendrix and Movie

A TV Event you may Not Want to Miss

A new Film on early 20th Century NYC

The great Wes Anderson & his latest

A Personal Remark on the Olympics

New Disney Release, Saving Mr Banks

Listen to a dose of College Alt Rock

A look at Israel's Origin

Conflict in the Middle East

NYC Soda Ban Gets Approved

Linsay Lohan and her Media Craze

WSP, Live Events & more!

Jerry Garcia's 70th Birthday

Cold Winter Days don't flee too fast, whether it's skiing, snow building or just nestling for rest. Enjoy it for now as warm days are soon here then it'll be spring to further brighten the year. Halloween


Obama Approves This Website!

A Rock Musician to be Remembered

An Art Show Jay Z style & comments

Rolling Stones and Pop Star Clip

Streaking Fan at HS Football Game

Kinda Funny Ad of Jennifer Aniston